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For many students, the thesis is the final step before graduation. Given how stressful and time consuming it can be, it should not come as a surprise that so many students seek out academic assistance from a custom writing company. is one of those services that offers professional writers who can complete this complex project. However, in spite of its name, thesis papers are not all that they do. In fact, they offer a wide range of services for all academic levels, including standard essays, research papers and book reviews. We have received a lot of inquiries about, so we conducted a thorough evaluation of the company and its website, including information about its writers, testimonials, their pricing policy, and features. Of course, we also ordered a paper for ourselves to find out if they deliver high quality, plagiarism-free papers by the deadline. Read what we discovered. 


Some of the highlights of the homepage include its guarantees, information about its writing staff, and its emphasis on its thesis writing services. However, if you do not have a thesis project but still need some homework help, they offer assistance for all academic levels ranging from high school through graduate school. In addition, if you are hoping to get into a top notch college, can fix you up with a writer who will write your admissions essay. We found it odd that they do not make any mention of editing and proofreading services, although when we asked their customer support staff, they confirmed that they offer this as well. 

Formats + Spacing & Number of Words per Page

Regardless of your formatting requirements, has experts who can adhere to any of them including MLA, APA, Harvard, Oxford, Chicago/Turabian, and even less common styles such as Vancouver. They can also write papers single-spaced and double-spaced. Their website indicates that they regard 275 words as one page. Formats

Price Policy

When you purchase writing services from, they take into account the following specifications when setting the price: 

  • Type of assignment/project
  • Deadline
  • Number of pages
  • Academic level

A standard high school-level essay with a 14 day deadline costs $13. This is on par with what most custom writing services charge. Prices

Free Features

Based on what we were able to find, seems to only offer three freebies:

  • Title page
  • Reference list
  • Plagiarism checker

By comparison, a lot of their competitors provides customers with free plagiarism reports, outlines, writing samples and abstracts. Given that these add-ons can dramatically raise the price of your order, you should take this into consideration when choosing a writing service. 


If they offer any discounts, we could not find them. Not even the order page provides you with the option of inputting a discount code. Customers who expected to come across first-time discounts will be very disappointed. But if you are a returned customer you can receive lifetime discount that is based on your history with The cases when the customer can get a lifetime discount:

  • 5% lifetime for more than $500;
  • 10% lifetime for more than $1000;
  • 15% lifetime for more than $2000.

Ordering Process

The process of ordering a paper is pretty basic. All you need to do is indicate the type of paper, discipline, paper format, the deadline - which ranges from 8 hours to 14 days for standard assignments and up to 30 days for thesis papers - the number of pages, and sources. You also have the option of choosing a writing based on three different categories: best available, advanced, and writers who speak English as their native language.’s payment methods are limited - you can only pay through PayPal or Skrill but not by credit/debit card. Order

Our Experience with the Site

Since this writing service regards thesis papers as their area of expertise, it only made sense to order one ourselves. We requested a 20 page college-level thesis with a 14-day deadline. The topic was American history and we gave the writer plenty of information to work with. We wrote our writer throughout the course of the paper, but they typically took two or three days to respond, even when we asked them to reply as soon as possible. We got our thesis by the deadline and it was free of plagiarism, but it was not all that impressive. The main issue was all of the grammar mistakes. But in addition, the basic level of insight was not what we would have expected from a so-called expert. We believe students would be disappointed with the effort from our writer. 

Qualification of the Writer

As we mentioned, customers can choose three standards of writing: best available writer, advanced (high-ranking writer who specializes in the topic), and native English writer. There is no additional fee if you select best available writer, but there are surcharges of 25% and 30%, respectively, if you request the advanced or ENL writer. 

Site Usability and Design + Grammar

We really like the website design. It is nothing flashy, which means you will not see any banners or animated graphics. Instead, it is straightforward and serves a practical purpose. The home page has most of the information you need such as the benefits of using their services, a price calculator, some background about the company, and an abbreviated version of their order form. 

Support Team/Live Chat/Contacts

Sometimes urgent situations arise, especially if you have issues with an important thesis paper. However, when you look through the contact page, you will notice that does not make it easy to contact their customer support team. In fact, their call center closes on Saturdays at 1:00pm UTC and do not open again until midnight on Mondays. Their live chat also seems to be offline with great frequency. This does not inspire much confidence. Support


In order to examine how reliable is, we focused on their terms and conditions, policies, ability to deliver on time, their guarantee policy, confidentiality policy and secure payment methods. We can definitely confirm that this company is not trying to scam its customers. Nonetheless, based on customer reviews, their main issues were mediocre papers and revision requests that were processing too slowly given the urgency of the situation. 

The quality of the customer support team is also important. To that end, we contacted their agents - at least when they were actually around. When we noted that our writer was not responding to our messages, they did not seem particularly sympathetic, instead shifting the blame entirely on the writer without feeling any accountability themselves. In addition, we asked some detailed questions about their refund policy and they gave us very inconsistent and even contradictory answers. It is clear that they need more training. 

Revision Policy/Availability of Free Revisions offers free revisions to its customers based on these criteria, processes and guidelines:


When requesting a revision, the changes you seek cannot conflict with the original instructions.


To request revisions, you need to go through the formal process, which involves using the request revision button on the customer account page. 


Revisions can be requested at any point before you approve your order, but you only have 7 days to do so following the expiration of your order deadline. 

They do have an extended revision option, but it requires an additional payment. 

Money-Back Guarantee (Refund System) has a page that is dedicated to spelling out its money back guarantee policy. Accordingly, when a customer asks for a refund due to the poor quality of their paper, the request is reviewed by a specialist who determines whether it has merit. This process can take as many as 14 business days. All other refund requests (i.e., accidentally paying twice for the same order) are processed within 3-4 business days.

If the customer cancels their order before it has been assigned to a writer, they are entitled to a full refund. However, if a writer has been assigned (which is confirmed by the order status bar at the top of the customer account page), the refund varies. For instance, if less than half of the period has passed, the customer receives a 70% refund. After half of the period has passed, the maximum refund is 50%.

Amount of Time in the Industry

According to the website, they have been around since 2008. However, when we tried to confirm this using the Wayback Machine, it indicated that the company has actually only been around since 2013. Given how easy it is to verify these things, it is odd that they feel the need to deceive. History

Pros and Cons

It is possible that their services would be appropriate for high school students, but we would not recommend to college and graduate students, especially if you actually have a thesis paper. This company simply does not take the process seriously enough. 

Pros of

  • User-friendly website
  • Free plagiarism checker
  • Reasonable prices
  • Straightforward order form
  • Money back guarantee

Cons of 

  • Customer support is not available 24/7
  • Questionable claims on the website
  • long response time
  • Negative reputation based on customer reviews
  • Half-hearted effort on the part of the writers

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