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This review is dedicated to These days, students tend to struggle with academic writing assignments because professors have become particularly demanding. We hope this review will prove useful for students who seek a trustworthy paper writing company to help them cope with the huge academic workload. 

When we first visited the website of the company, we were surprised to notice that they position themselves not simply as a custom paper writing agency but as an online tutoring and homework help resource. This is something we have not seen in other companies we reviewed.


Just like other companies in this field, offers a wide array of writing services. Students who need help with their academic writing assignments or just want their papers to be proofread and improved will definitely find what they are looking for. In addition to paper writing services, students can hire a tutor who will help them improve their writing skills or even prepare them for a test. We have to admit that this type of tutoring services is not that common among other companies on the market. Services

Formats + Spacing & Number of Words per Page

We checked their website and FAQ page but we did not find any clear information on formatting, spacing, or word count. So to find out how many words  are equal to one page on, you have to place an order.

Price Policy

A client cannot see the exact price of their services in advance, which, we think, is a huge disadvantage. How can you decide if you want to use their services if you do not understand how much you will have to pay for them? The only way to find out the price is to create an account and place an order. Obviously, we did this for the purpose of this review. After placing a 4-page order, we had to analyze a list of different writers, their expertise, and price for their services before we chose someone who seemed to be appropriate. As the result, we learned that a 4-page essay could cost anything from 101 USD to 156 USD depending on the order. We consider such prices a little high for an average student. 


We did not find any information on discounts or free services. Neither were there any referral programs. From other clients’ reviews, we learned that you can get a first-time customer discount on, but, for some reasons, no one offered it to us. 

Ordering Process

We did not have any issues when registering and placing the order. Their website is well-organized. All you have to do is submit your e-mail along with your request. Almost instantly, we saw many available tutors who were ready to help us. Therefore, the choice of the expert is yours. Besides, there is a possibility pf direct communication with tutors, so you can discuss the requirements, deadlines, and prices. However, when placing the order, customers can only specify the topic, paper type, and number of pages, which means that there is no possibility to indicate other important details. This will have to be described to the writer directly. Comparing to other services we used, this method is really inconvenient and time-consuming. Those who need their papers urgently will probably find this stressful. 

As to the payment, the company accepts MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, Discover, and Alex. 

Our Experience with

We do not think that their services are poor. Even though the communication with the writer took too much time, it was productive. The quality of the paper was not perfect, though. For example, the writer obviously did not care about the differences between US and UK English. 

Writers’ Qualifications

As we have already mentioned, customers can choose writers themselves. There is a possibility to read the writers’ profiles, see their qualifications and degree, as well as the subjects in which they specialize. In addition, there is a rating of each writer, as well as the number of orders they have completed. 

Site Usability and Design + Grammar

Despite being well-organized, the website cannot be called user-friendly. For example, the main menu with the list of services is not on the homepage, so a customer has to spend some time before they realize what the company actually offers. Nevertheless, the information on the website is useful and even interesting. We liked their articles and writing guides for students. Since they also offer tutoring services, there was much related information. 

The company claims that all their tutors have suitable qualifications and degrees. We do not really know if this is true, but we know for sure that not all of them are willing to cooperate with students. From our experience, this service definitely has room for improvement.

Support Team/Live Chat/Contacts

Their homepage promises 24/7 online customer support reachable via phone, live chat, and e-mail. In reality, though, they can only be reached via live chat simply because the rest of the contacts are not provided. Support


Customers can familiarize themselves with clear Privacy Policy and Terms of Use on The links to this information are provided in the footer on each page. Other useful information includes the details about who they are, when the company was started, Copyright and delivery, payment and tax, chargeback, etc. 

Nevertheless, there is no physical address of the company. We searched other websites, but we could not find any information about their location at all. You might think that this is not really important for a company delivering online services, but we know that a legitimate business is always willing to disclose such details to establish credibility. Since obviously chose to conceal this information, we were left wondering why. This small fact alone is enough to doubt if the company is trustworthy. 

Revision Policy/Availability of Free Revisions 

You can request for revision within 7 business days since the paper was delivered to you.

Money back Guarantee (Refund System) 

Customers can receive a full refund in the following cases:

  • There were no available writers to work on their order
  • They mistakenly submitted a payment for an order twice
  • They received their completed order after the deadline 

Other types of refunds include a 70% refund if you decide to cancel an order that is being processed when less than half of the deadline has passed. If more than half of the deadline has passed and you need to cancel the order, you will only get up to 50% of refund. 

In addition, clients are entitled to 70% refund if they are not satisfied with the quality of the papers they got. For example, when some instructions were not met but other parts of the paper can still be used. 

In the following cases, clients will not receive a refund:

  • If a customer wants a refund because they received a low mark for the paper
  • If a customer claims the paper is plagiarized but does not provide a valid proof
  • If a customer failed to download a paper that was delivered to them on time

Amount of Time in the Industry

According to the data we found in WebArchive, has been in the business for a long time. They joined the industry in 2006, which is a lot. However, they were inactive between 2011 and 2015. Maybe the break was due to lack of orders or issues with hosting, we do not really know. History

Pros and Cons

Our overall impression of could not be described as positive. The quality of the papers turned out to be lower than promised, so we would not call the services trustworthy. Nowadays, when the number of such companies on the market is constantly growing, it might be better to buy papers elsewhere. Check out the rest of our reviews to learn about other companies in this field. 

In conclusion, our opinion of is not really high. There are some advantages, but disadvantages definitely outweigh them. So our answer to the question we posed at the beginning of the article is: no, it is better to try something else.

Pros of 

  • A wide array of services
  • Online tutoring and preparation for tests
  • Useful content

Cons of

  • Ineffective customer support
  • High prices
  • The discounts are not provided
  • Referral programs are not applicable  
  • The prices are not visible right away
  • No revisions

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