3DollarEssay.com Review

3DollarEssay.com Review
3DollarEssay.com Review 3DollarEssay.com Review
Price from: $3.00
Deadline: 24 hours


When it comes to choosing a custom writing service, there is a lot at stake. After all, making a wrong decision can mean the difference between getting an A and getting an F. You also want to find a company that delivers high quality writing at affordable prices. With that in mind, we took a look at 3DollarEssay.com. As the name suggestions, they really do offer essays that start at $3.00/page. Even a paper with a 24-hour deadline can be delivered for $10/page. How on Earth is this all possible? Can they really produce high quality writing if they are paying their writers a couple of dollars per page? Read further and get the scoop. 


When looking at the website, the first thing we noticed is that there is not a page that describes what services they offer. While inconvenient, this can normally be remedied by looking through the dropdown menu on the order page. However, 3DollarEssay.com does not even have that! They simply describe which subjects they cover (10) and since they make no mention of dissertation services, we can only assume they focus exclusively on standard essays. They also offer editing/proofreading and formatting help. 

Formats + Spacing & Number of Words per Page

3DollarEssay.com is able to write papers with single- or double-spaced lines. They count 275 words as a page. While this is often means customers will need to order a second page just to meet the 300 word requirements, it is still less expensive than what most companies charge for one page. 

Price Policy

When we review a custom writing service, we usually refer to anything less than $8 as “cheap” but we have never come across anything lower than 3DollarEssay.com. College papers generally cost $5/page and master’s level is $10/page whether you need it in 10 days or 24 hours. Yes, you read that correctly. While most services have very distinct price rates based on the deadline, there is almost no distinction at 3DollarEssay.com. Given that the amount of research and the quality of the paper is bound to be substantially different depending on how much time you give the writer, we were really curious to find out how they would fare with our paper. 


3DollarEssay.com Prices

Free Features

3DollarEssay.com offers all of the free features that you would expect such as a title page, reference list, table of contents, and appendices. 


3DollarEssay.com does not offer any discounts, but given how low their prices we, we think they can be forgiven. 

Ordering Process

The order form is about as crude as it gets. You fill in your first name, last name and address (and not even a phone number to contact you if necessary). You give them a deadline, number of pages, number of sources and formatting style. Literally, everything else - the academic level, type of paper and subject - is indicated by filling the information into a text box. Then you pay via PayPal (the only option) and they send you a message within 24 hours by email. 

Our Experience with the Site

We ordered a 5-page college level political science research paper with a 4-day deadline. We got it by the deadline, but that was probably the only thing they got right. It was full of plagiarism, the writer ignored most of the directions and they clearly used Google translate - and a very bad translation into English at that. In fact, we were able to determine that the writer was Russian because they accidentally forgot to delete a sentence in Cyrillic! But should we have expected anything good when the writer probably made $5 for the entire paper?

Qualification of the Writer

We are going to be a succinct as possible with this: our writer has absolutely no business working for a custom writing company.

Site Usability and Design + Grammar

The website is almost completely devoid of anything but basic information. We have no clue where they are located. They do not have a Terms of Service page, FAQ or anything like that. They have a Facebook page, but at the time of this review, they had not posted anything in almost 3 months. Also, the grammar on the website is absolutely pitiful. If they cannot even properly edit their own content, how can we expect them to write a good essay?

Support Team/Live Chat/Contacts

Non-existent. Their live chat was offline every time we checked the website. The area code seems to be a landline in Northern Cyprus. We gave it a call and nobody answered. We sent an email and did not get a response for 3 days! While the fact that we received a paper indicates this is not a scam company, they sure do not inspire a lot of confidence. 

3DollarEssay.com Support


There is no Terms and Conditions page. Nor could we find any information about refunds, revisions, or their guarantees. The only payment method they accept is PayPal, although that is admittedly better than only accepting wire transfers. 

Revision Policy/Availability of Free Revisions

We have no idea. There is absolutely no information about revisions and when we wrote to inquire, nobody bothered to respond. 

Money-Back Guarantee (Refund System) 

There is no well-defined money back guarantee page. However, as we scoured the website we did discover that if they fail to find you a writer, you get a refund. Same thing if the paper is 20% plagiarized. That hardly seems acceptable, especially when every other website offers full refunds if the plagiarism checker shows any amount of plagiarism. 

Amount of Time in the Industry

According to Web Archive and Whois.net, 3DollarEssay.com has been in existence since 2017. It appears that they still have a lot of growing to do, and it should probably start by raising the price of their papers so that they can actually hire motivated writers. We could not find a lot of reviews about this company, but the ones that did exist were largely negative. 

3DollarEssay.com History

Pros and Cons

We have come across a lot of bad custom writing websites, but none of them have been as brutal as 3DollarEssay.com. If it was possible to give them a 0 out of 10, that is precisely what we would give them. While we understand that they want to be an affordable service, there is no way they will succeed if they have a non-existent support staff and low quality writers. 

Pros of 3DollarEssay.com: 

  • We do not mean to be glib, but we cannot find a single positive trait

Cons of 3DollarEssay.com: 

  • Prices so low that only a desperate writer would want to work for them
  • A website that contains almost no information
  • We have no idea where they are located
  • No customer support
  • No clear understanding about any of their policies

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