OZessay.com.au Review

OZessay.com.au Review
OZessay.com.au Review OZessay.com.au Review
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There are a lot of custom writing companies out there, but if you want to find one that is actually reliable, you will need to devote a lot of time to reading the content on its website and ordering a paper to test them out. However, you might not have the time (nor the budget) to do this. But we do. Our website is dedicated to helping you make informed choices over the various custom writing services. 

For this review, we are evaluating OZessay.com.au. Unlike most other writing services, they specifically cater to Australian students. Their objective is to help students free up their time to focus on more important matters such as other assignments or spending time with friends and family. When OZessay.com.au claims they are among the best writing services, is it true or just all talk? 

When we looked at the website, we were impressed with how easy it is to use. It is designed well and contains a handy price calculator. They are certainly attentive when it comes to the details. But what matters most is the quality of their papers. 


OZessay.com.au offers a truly impressive range of services. They can help students regardless of academic level or subject. They are able to write research papers, term papers, standard essays, book reports, and even graduate-level thesis papers and dissertations. While it is nice that they cater to almost everybody, over the course of reviewing dozens of writing services, we have found that this can sometimes be a negative, especially if the company stretches its sources too thin. 

Formats + Spacing & Number of Words per Page

OZessay.com.au is able to follow the guidelines of any formatting style, with MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian and Harvard being their most common requests. They count 250 words as one page double-spaced. Keep in mind that the industry average is between 275 and 300 words per page, so this company engages in some shortchanging. 

Price Policy

OZessay.com.au is unique in that it offers 6 different academic level options compared to the 3 or 4 that other companies provide. They include high school, A-diploma, undergraduate, graduate, specialized and postgraduate work. A high school paper starts at $16.43, which comes out to around $11.46 US Dollars. 

OZessay.com.au Prices

Free Features

OZessay.com.au offers the same standard features that most companies offer, including:

  • Free essay samples
  • Access to a useful writing blog
  • Plagiarism check
  • Unlimited revisions within a 14 day window
  • Title and reference pages


New customers are entitled to a 7% discount when they place their first order. They also have something they call an “affiliate” program in which customers who refer a friend receive a bonus. However, the website does a terrible job of explaining exactly what this entails. It is so vague that we have no idea. Does it mean they will receive money? If so, what is the criteria? It is never explained.

OZessay.com.au Discount

Ordering Process

Ordering a paper is a really simple process. It took us 5 minutes max to fill out the order form and make a payment. Just give them the details of your paper, checkmark any of the add-on features that you are interested in (i.e., plagiarism report, text updates). You can pay in Australian Dollars (obviously) as well as US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, British Pounds and even Chinese yuan. They have a trio of secure payment options: MasterCard, Visa or PayPal.

OZessay.com.au Order

Our Experience with the Site

The best way to find out if a company is as good as they claim is by ordering their services. We purchased an undergraduate-level essay related to psychology. It needed to be 4 pages long and we provided a 10-day deadline. We also asked for APA formatting and 5 scholarly sources. The kindness thing we can say is that we got the paper on time.  Everything else was a complete disaster. The writer failed to include a thesis statement even though we provided one in our instructions. The structure was completely disorganized and there were lots of grammar mistakes that no native English speaker would ever make. 

Qualification of the Writer

The strangest thing is that leading up to the paper, our writer actually did a really good job of staying in touch with us. They asked us for some clarification, which indicated that they were taking the job seriously. As a result, we figured that at the very least we would a decent paper of the B variety. The fact that it was so bad really took us by surprise. We are not convinced that all of their writers are truly qualified.

Site Usability and Design + Grammar

The website is very impressive. The menu bar leads you to all of the important information about the company. They also have a price table that makes it easy and convenient to find out approximately how much your paper will cost. You can also download free samples from their homepage and use them as a model for your own paper if you choose not order their services. 

Support Team/Live Chat/Contacts

The customer support team at OZessay.com.au is available 24/7 and can be reached through a variety of methods. Aside from live chat, you can also contact them by email and Skype. They do not make their phone number available, but you can fill out a contact form and have them call you. We communicated with them through live chat and Skype and felt that they were professional. We asked for a refund on the grounds that the paper failed to follow our instructions and after they consulted with their supervisors it was granted.

OZessay.com.au Support


OZessay.com.au has pages dedicated to its terms of use and privacy policy, which means if you take the time to read them, you should not have any issues. We really do recommend that you read the information carefully since it often contradicts some of the claims that they make on other pages of their website. 

Revision Policy/Availability of Free Revisions

OZessay.com.au has one of the more generous revision policies, at least from a time standpoint. They give customers a full 14 days to request them following the delivery of their paper. Keep in mind that revisions can only be made if the writer fails to follow the initial instructions. If you want them to make changes based on changes to your requirements, you will be charged for the revisions.

Money-Back Guarantee (Refund System)

The refund is issued: 

  • If the order is not available for download upon the specified deadline.
  • If the customer cancels the order before the writer has started working on it.

Amount of Time in the Industry

According to the OZessay.com.au website, the company has been operating since 2005. But when we checked Whois.net and Wayback Machine, we found that this was not entirely accurate. They have actually been around since 2008. A decade in the industry is usually enough time for a company to establish itself, but that does not seem to be the case with OZessay.com.au.

OZessay.com.au History

Customer Feedback + Online Reputation

We looked around online for reviews and feedback on third-party websites. While there were a few cases where the customer seemed satisfied with their paper, the majority complained that their essays contained grammar mistakes and usual word choices. This would seem to indicate that not all of their writers are actually native English speakers. 

Pros and Cons

Based on our experiences with OZessay.com.au, we cannot recommend their services. Our paper was not just mediocre, it was downright bad. The fact that a writer like that somehow got hired leads us to think that it was not a mere fluke. Here are some of the pros and cons of using their services.

Pros of OZessay.com.au:

  • User friendly website
  • Ability to reach the agents through various methods
  • Direct communication with the writer (although in our case it did not lead to a better paper)

Cons of OZessay.com.au:

  • Writers who are clearly not qualified
  • They hire non-native English speaking writers

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