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Revisions: 2 days
Deadline: 3 hours


While the main purpose of college is to get an education, it is important to remember that it is also an opportunity for young students to spread their wings and socialize. But it can be almost impossible to find time to experience the fun side of college when professors are deluging students with essays. Fortunately, there are plenty of good academic writing companies out there that can help students free up their time and get good grades. On the other hand, students also occasionally stumble across a writing service that exaggerates or flat out deceives it customers. Our job is to provide unbiased reviews that highlight companies that we would recommend while weeding out those that prospective customers should avoid. For this review, we are looking at According to their website, they provide a wide variety of custom writing services as well as editing, proofreading and formatting. We wanted to evaluate the major factors that make for a reputable company: the pricing and discounts, the ordering process, the quality of the order, and the competence of the customer support team.

In order to keep things consistent, the papers that we ordered from each writing service contained the same instructions: a college-level essay, 4 pages in length double-spaced, and a deadline of 5 days on topic of Health & Medicine in a nursing course. We also ask for an American-based writer.

Prices & Discounts

The first plus when we looked at website is that they have a price calculator that is convenient and easy to use. Surprisingly, there are a lot of companies that make it difficult to get a price quote unless the user provides contact information, but this is not an issue with The default prices are set in US Dollars, but there are also options to pay in Euros, British Pounds, and Australian Dollars. We think it would be nice if they also offered a Canadian Dollar option since we would assume that Canadian students have a need for custom papers as well.

The minimum price for a paper is $10.99 per page. Specifically, this is a high school-level essay with an 11-day deadline. The price is based on factors such as the level of expertise required (ranging from high school up to PhD-level work) the deadline (from 11 days to 3 hours) and the type of assignment (i.e., standard essay versus a dissertation or other complex work). Title pages, appendices, reference lists, outlines and plagiarism reports are free and are not factored into the page requirements.

They offer a 15% discount off all first-time orders. In addition, offers a 10% discount for companies that successfully refer a friend to their services. They also offer a loyalty program for return customers of 5% once the customer orders a total of 30+ pages, 10% when they reach 50+ and 15% when they reach 100+. Based on other reviews that we have done, this is not as generous as what other companies have offered. For instance, other services provide the 15% discount once the customer reaches 50 pages. Prices

Order Process

The process of ordering services is very straight forward. All we needed to do was look through the menu options and choose the details that were relevant to our paper. The price is automatically generated, including any discounts. Payment Methods


Even when taking into consideration all of the other factors, the quality of the work is what truly makes or breaks a company. Based on what we received from our writer, we found that the writer did a pretty good job. It was provided by the deadline and it did not contain any plagiarism. There were a couple of run-on sentences that should have been broken down a bit, but this issue wasn’t significant enough to really matter. The sources were fine and the paper was properly formatted in MLA style. All in all, it was consistent with what a professor could reasonably expect from a 1st or second year nursing student. We figure if it were submitted, it would get a B+ or A-.

Customer Support

The customer support agents were professional and courteous. When we asked them questions about the refund policy, they gave us all of the answers we needed. One agent in particular impressed us because she asked if we were calling about a serious issue with the paper. We explained that everything was fine and that we were simply curious.

Another thing to note is that we had no problems contacting them by phone, email or live chat regardless of the time of day. With some writing services we have noticed issues with our emails not being responded to in a timely manner, but’s agents were on top of things. Support

Online Reputation

When we provide reviews, it is important that we choose methods that limit the odds of bias. For this reason, we do not factor testimonials or feedback that appear on the companies’ websites since we have no way of verifying their authenticity. However, we looked through various reviews on third-party websites and found them to be overwhelmingly positive. In particular, there were very few issues with things like plagiarism or getting papers after the deadline.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Low Prices
  • A polite and professional customer support team
  • A paper that was appropriate for the academic level
  • No real issues with the paper


  • The repeat customer discount program is not as generous as what many other companies offer.


Based on our experiences with, we would recommend their services to students. The papers are affordable, the ordering process was easy, we received the kind of paper that would get a good grade, and it was nice dealing with the customer support agents.

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