DoMyHomework.Guru Review

DoMyHomework.Guru Review
DoMyHomework.Guru Review DoMyHomework.Guru Review
Price from: $12.00
Revisions: 14 days
Deadline: 6 hours


For this review, we evaluated the custom writing service DoMyHomework.Guru. They claim to offer high quality services, professional customer support and affordable prices. As tempting as it might seem, you should read our trustworthy review before you decide whether to choose their services.


When you go to the DoMyHomework.Guru website, you will notice that they do not have a page dedicated to the services they offer. However, when you scroll down the “Type of Paper” dropdown menu, you will see that they offer a wide variety of options. For instance, they can write book reports, scholarship essays, personal statements, and research papers. They also offer editing services for existing papers and PowerPoint presentations.

DoMyHomework.Guru Services

Formats + Spacing & Number of Words per Page

DoMyHomework.Guru can write papers using any formatting style, with the most popular being APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago/Turabian. They also offer the option of single and double spacing. They count 300 words as one page, which is much better than the 250-275 word range that we have seen when we reviewed other companies.

Price Policy

The prices that DoMyHomework.Guru charges is not as low as they claim, but at $12/page for high school-level work, it is well within the industry average. Of course, the final price will be determined by a few factors such as your deadline, the length of your assignment, and your academic level. They list the prices in US dollars, but you can also purchase their services using Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros and British Pounds. You can also hire a premium writer. It is pretty pricey, but if they are legitimately good at their job, it might be worth it.

DoMyHomework.Guru Prices


In spite of the fact that they mention the existence of discounts and even have the option to apply a discount code, there is no actual information about what these entail or how a customer can receive one. 

Ordering Process

The process of ordering a paper is very easy. All that was required of us was to fill out the order form with all of the details about our essay such as the type of work (writing, editing, or slides), the academic level, paper format, the type of paper, format, the number of pages, and spacing type. After we submitted the order, we paid using a major credit card. They also accept PayPal.

Our Experience with the Site

The best way to assess DoMyHomework.Guru’s services is by experiencing it personally, which is why we made it a point to purchase a custom essay. We ordered a 7-page college-level paper on the topic of sociology. We gave them a 10-day deadline, requested MLA formatting, and asked for 4 scholarly sources. Although we received the paper by the deadline and can confirm that it was free of plagiarism, this is not the kind of essay that a student would be proud to turn in. First, the paper was simply stating the same points over and over again just to fill up space. Furthermore, some of the information was completely implausible, and when we checked out the sources that they were supposedly taken from, it confirmed that the writer had made all of it up. Overall, it was a lazy effort by a writer who clearly had no clue about the topic.

Qualification of the Writer

According to the DoMyHomework.Guru website, all of the writers are native speakers with master’s degrees and PhDs in every subject. But the paper we received is evidence that they aren’t being entirely truthful. The grammar mistakes and the expressions that the writer used were not consistent with how an actual native English speaker would write a paper.

Site Usability and Design + Grammar

DoMyHomework.Guru has a nice enough website. We like the graphics and design. There are a few obvious grammar mistakes in the content such as the nonsensical question “What Does It Mean “do my Homework for me” Service?” Whoever writes the information on the company’s website is definitely not a native English speaker. 

Support Team/Live Chat/Contacts

The customer support team is available 24/7, but can only be contacted by email or live chat. We found it odd that they do not have a phone number where customers can reach them when the situation is urgent. We did see that they have a contact form that allows the operators to call the customer, but that seems like an unnecessary hassle when simply dialing a number would be more convenient.

DoMyHomework.Guru Support

In any event, we did fill out the form and received a call. We can report that the staff are friendly and professional. They did have accents - which means they are not actually located in Indianapolis as they claim on their website - but we had no trouble understanding them. 


To its credit, DoMyHomework.Guru has a terms and conditions page that spells out all of its policies and rules really well. We would suggest reading it before you place an order so that you can avoid misunderstandings. 

Revision Policy/Availability of Free Revisions

DoMyHomework.Guru has a very generous revision policy. If the paper contains less than 30 pages, you have 14 days following the deadline of your order to ask for corrections and modifications. For papers longer than 30 pages, you are given 30 full days. 

Money back Guarantee (Refund System) 

DoMyHomework.Guru has a money back guarantee that offers strong evidence that they are not in the business of scamming customers. Customers can receive a full refund if any of the following conditions are met:

  • You accidentally paid twice for the same order
  • The company fails to find a writer for your order
  • You receive the paper after the deadline expiration date
  • More than 10% of the content comes back as plagiarized
  • When the paper is completely off topic in spite of the customer’s clear directions. 

Amount of Time in the Industry

DoMyHomework.Guru claims to have been around since 2008, but when we did a check, it indicated that they actually started in 2015. The website does not contain any testimonials, and although we do not typically trust reviews on a company’s own website, the fact that they do not have them is something usual.

DoMyHomework.Guru History

Reviews that we found on third-party websites were mixed. Some of the customers were happy, but many were upset at how badly their writers had botched their papers. 

Pros and Cons

Pros of DoMyHomework.Guru: 

  • Reasonable prices
  • Convenient price calculator
  • User-friendly website
  • Professional customer support

Cons of DoMyHomework.Guru: 

  • The writers are definitely not native English speakers
  • No discount policy
  • Severely flawed papers

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