QualityCustomEssays.com Review

QualityCustomEssays.com Review
QualityCustomEssays.com Review QualityCustomEssays.com Review
Price from: $10.99
OFF: 15%
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Deadline: 3 hours


If you are browsing around for reviews on academic writing companies, chances are you might be interested in buying their services. Given all the stress that students have to deal with in their daily lives, it makes perfect sense to ask for help from a professional writer. Of course, the problem is that there are so many choices out there, it is hard to know which ones have your best intentions in mind and which ones just want to take your money and run. This is where our unbiased reviews play an important role. As we look around for the best and worst writing services, our only goal is to provide you with all of the necessary information to make the decision for yourself. With that in mind, we recently took a look at the services offered by QualityCustomEssays.com to figure out if they deliver on their claims. This custom writing service specializes in various types of writing, proofreading and editing services.

In order to create the fairest reviews and create consistency, we specified the exact same requirements for each writing company when we ordered a paper from them: it needed to be an essay of 4 pages (double-spaced) with a 5 day deadline, college-level, with the subject being nursing and the topic health & medicine. We also requested an American writer for all orders so that everything was consistent.

Prices & Discounts

Prices are an important factor when students decide whether to buy a company’s services. This makes sense considering most students are on a tight budget and therefore want the best value. QualityCustomEssays.com has a convenient price table that makes it easy to determine how much a one-page essay would cost taking into consideration the academic level and deadline. Prices start at $10.99, which is the industry average. As we placed our order and put in all the details, our price was automatically generated. With a first-time 15% discount, our paper came out to $67,97. The nice thing is that this company does not charge any hidden fees, which is something we cannot say about some of the other services we have reviewed. Note that one full page consists of 300 words double-spaced. By comparison, several other companies set 275 or even 250 words as the page maximum, which often forces students to purchase a second page. Make sure to pay attention to these policies as you shop around. An American writer is the default option, but customers who require the one of TOP 10 writers can request the writer for an addition $10,95 of the total ordering price. The company also offers VIP services for a fee.

The minimum price for a paper is $10.99 per page. Specifically, this is a high school-level essay with an 11-day deadline. The price is based on factors such as the level of expertise required (ranging from high school up to PhD-level work) the deadline (from 11 days to 3 hours) and the type of assignment (i.e., standard essay versus a dissertation or other complex work). Title pages, appendices, reference lists, outlines and plagiarism reports are free and are not factored into the page requirements.

QualityCustomEssays.com offers several discounts that are pretty generous when compared to others in the industry. While the aforementioned 15% discount that they offer first-time customers is not far different from what other companies are offering, their loyalty discount program is superior to most. For instance, once a customer reaches 100 pages, they automatically receive a 15% discount for the remainder of the time that they buy from QualityCustomEssays.com. Other companies require 140 or even 150 pages before this 15% discount kicks in.

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Order Process

Nobody is going to want to order a paper if the process is tedious and complicated. Fortunately for QualityCustomEssays.com, they make it really easy for customers to buy their services. All we needed to do was fill in the details such as the subject, topic, formatting style (we chose MLA this time, although for some reviews we requested APA), and deadline. They accept all credit and debit cards and other reliable online payment options: Skrill, BlueSnap, SafeCharge. They use a third-party payment processing company, which means their customer support agents will not be able to assist with actually paying for the order. On the other hand, it provides a layer of security, especially for customers that are not comfortable with the idea of giving out their credit card numbers over the phone.

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Our writer did a decent job with the paper. It was consistent with what a 1st or 2nd year nursing student would write, which is how it should be. In other words, the writer stuck to word choices that were simple but accurate without overdoing it. Ironically, with some of our reviews we have had cases in which the writer did too good of a job, such as when we received a PhD-quality paper when all we wanted was a simple college essay. Professors will see right through that, so it is important that the quality of the paper truly match the academic level. There were a couple of little grammar mistakes. While we cannot be certain, there is a chance that these were also deliberate in order to make the paper appear “19 year-old” good rather than seeming like it was written by a seasoned professional. Finally, the paper did not contain any plagiarism, which is a huge plus.

Customer Support

The reliability of the customer support team is another important factor when ordering services. QualityCustomEssays.com states that they are available 24/7, so we decided to contact them at various points of the day to find out if they are indeed responsive. The results were mixed. They always answered the phone and live chat, but were not always the greatest at replying to our emails. So if you buy from this writing service and have urgent issues, we would recommend that you give them a call if you want guarantees that they will respond immediately. We found the agents to be friendly and knowledgeable. They answered our questions about their discount policy and spoke clear English.

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Online Reputation

As is our common practice when we write reviews, we do not factor in feedback and testimonials on a company’s website when assessing their online reputation because let us be realistic - how many businesses are going to allow customers to post negative reviews on their feedback page? On the other hand, we look at reviews posted on third-party sites when they clearly look sincere. Based on what we saw, QualityCustomEssays.com rates high in customer satisfaction and none of the complaints were over serious issues such as plagiarism or missing deadlines.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Good prices
  • Loyalty discounts that are among the best in the industry
  • Papers that are consistent with the academic level
  • Friendly customer support


  • Slow email response times


Overall, we were very impressed with what QualityCustomEssays.com was able to deliver. The website was easy to use, especially as we were placing our order. The paper was affordable, the writer followed our directions, and the customer support team helped a lot. On the whole, we conclude the QualityCustomEssays.com is as good as any writing service.

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